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About Us

Berglas & Garfield Consulting Co., Inc and Daley & Garfield Management Co., Inc are property management companies spanning over 50 years in business, with properties throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. We constantly strive to offer buildings in the utmost conditions, constantly aiming to improve both interiors and exteriors with the highest quality products in town.


Property Management

We manage 100% of our own properties ourselves, with both friendly and capable on-site managers as well as deeply experienced in-house construction and maintenance staff.

Maintenance and Improvement

We specialize in maintaining living spaces with zero deferred maintenance. When we see an issue, we address it with our own specialized teams’ personal attention to detail.

Lifestyle Designed Communities

We are constantly innovating with new and fun amenities to add to our communities. Furnished pet runs, covered meeting spaces, and outdoor cooking areas are just a few of the features we try to add.